How To Avoid Packing Horribly Useless Clothes For Your Summer Holiday

In three days I’m going on holiday to Caen, France. I have always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with packing for holidays; I used to be extremely bad at it. I would bring a ballgown but no underwear, throw in a glitter catsuit at the last minute but fail to bring any black tanktops. I once spent an entire week in England wearing nothing but bright purple leggings, and on a trip to Paris paired my attempts at stylish Parisienne fashion with a borrowed hoodie because I forgot to bring a jacket. Because I am now desperate to avoid another trip being simultaneously over- and underdressed I start packing roughly a week before I leave. Luckily I am currently unemployed, so I could spend the necessary amount of time making lists of potential items to bring, trying them on, changing my mind, and then rolling them meticulously and putting them in a carefully selected piece of luggage. I am going to look stylish as fuck in Caen.

(I am getting very into drawing my wardrobe and will not let my lack of talent stand in the way of that)


Summer 2016


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