Vegetarian Couscous Salad


I’ve decided to do a weekly recipe! I love cooking and over the last few years I have developed a nice repertoire of food that is nutritious and delicious. I’ve been meaning to share them, but I am very bad at taking pictures of food that look like anything but nuclear waste so I have decided instead to make illustrations. Whether they look any better than the rotting remains of an atomic meltdown is up to you to decide! Another problem is that I never measure anything and just haphazardly throw amounts of food in pans so it is kind of hard to explain exactly how much of each ingredient you need, but I will try.

I am a vegetarian who often eats vegan food, so all the recipes will be meat-free and for the ones that contain dairy I will offer alternative ingredients to make them vegan.

I’ll start with a pretty simple but very nice couscous! I call it a couscous salad because it can be eaten both cold or warm, I often make it when I need to cook a few hours before actually eating.


Couscous (200gr)
Red bell pepper or pointed pepper
Red onion or shallot (1 or 2)
Sweet corn (200gr/1 small can)
Vegetarian imitation chicken or imitation shoarma (175gr/1 package)
Feta (200gr)
Stock cube/maggi
Peri peri sauce

Serves two generous portions. The amounts really don’t matter that much, you can totally add more or less depending on how much you happen to have lying around etc.

Make the couscous like it says on the box. I know that’s not how you’re supposed to start a recipe but I think there are different kinds of couscous that need different methods of preparation. The way I do it is I put the couscous in a big salad bowl and cover it with boiling water, a bit less than a centimetre above the top of the couscous. I leave it for a few minutes and then separate it with a fork, then I usually add a tiny bit more water to make it cloudy. It’s better to add to little water and add a bit extra than to put too much in and make it a horrible soggy mess!

Crumble a stock cube into the couscous and/or add a little maggi liquid seasoning. I don’t know if this is a thing much outside of Europe but it is delicious and salty. If you can’t find it, just a crumbled stock cube is enough.

Cut the red pepper and the red onion in small pieces and sauté them in some olive oil. After a few minutes, add in the vegetarian fake meat. I like to use Tivall Vega Shoarma or Tivall Oosterse Wokblokjes (sold by Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn) but I’m thinking any small pieces of imitation meat will do nicely, like any type of fake chicken.

When the vegetables and fake meat are almost done, add in some peri peri sauce or a similar mildly spicy sauce.

Cut the feta in cubes (I don’t think vegan feta has been invented so to make it vegan I would just leave this ingredient out or maybe swap for a different kind of vegan cheese)

Drain the can of corn, and throw the whole thing into the salad bowl with the couscous, mix the whole thing up and serve it in bowls.


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  1. I don’t know about other countries but you can find vegan feta at the organic supermarked in Germany. 🙂

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