Vegan Chickpea Soup

Chickpea Soup

This is by far the easiest soup I have ever made, but also one of the most delicious. I learned the recipe from my nan, who had to learn to cook some vegetarian meals when more than half of the family stopped eating meat over the years. It’s honestly a healing potion that soothes the tum. I like eating it with some kind of vegetarian sausage on the side and some bread or crackers for dipping.

Serves four

Chickpeas (800gr/2 cans)
Vegetable stock cubes (2-3)
Seasoning (salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, paprika, curcuma, sage)

Fry some garlic in olive oil in a big soup pan. I fiercely and intensely love garlic so I will gladly use an entire bulb but you could use any amount that seems good to you. Throw in the seasoning so the spices are toasted lightly. You can use any seasoning that you like, the ones I listed in the ingredients are just the ones that I like using. I’ve also thrown in some mixed lamb seasoning that worked very well.

Then you throw in the cans of chickpeas, including the water from the can, and add 500-700ml water and the stock cubes. You can add more water later but you don’t want it to get too thin. Let it get hot and sit for a while but don’t let it boil for long stretches of time.

Blend the whole thing! I recommend using a handheld blender that you can stick right in the pan.

To achieve maximum flavour make it early and let it sit for a few hours before serving.

(No ugly drawing this time but instead there is a picture of my soup pan)





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  1. Oh heerlijk Babet, was al weer vergeten deze ook weer eens te maken.
    Handig zeg deze recepten. Ga vooral zo door?

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