Broad Bean & Potato Soup (Vegetarian/Vegan)

Broad Bean

I take absolutely no credit for this recipe! It was introduced to me by my best friend Cécile, whose dad invented it. It is deliciously hearty and sustaining and super easy to make. The way I usually eat it is vegetarian but not vegan as I add cheese and pesto as a garnish but it also tastes great without those and the base of the soup is vegan.


Leek (300-400 gr)
Broad beans (300-400gr)
Small potatoes (500-600gr)
Vegetable stock cubes (2-3)
Salt & pepper
Grated cheese

Serves four

Make a big pan of vegetable stock. I do it the easy way by heating up a pan of water of and adding stock cubes and some salt. Then you add the chopped leek, the beans, and the peeled potatoes. I use pre-cooked and pre-sliced ones, they don’t have to be of amazing quality because they take on the delicious flavours of the soup. You could totally use fresh potatoes, just peel them and boil them all the way in the soup, as long as you make sure they are small ones.

When the potatoes are done, the soup is ready to serve. Garnish the bowls with a spoon of pesto and a bit of grated cheese.




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  1. Oh de soep was echt heerlijk op je familieverjaardagsfeestje. En ook heel feestelijk om te zien met ballen (krieltjes).

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