My Wife And I Picked Each Other’s Outfits For A Week, Part 2

Day 4:

More work, and slightly more sunshine than yesterday.

Cat picked a burgundy velvet playsuit and a denim shirt for me. I bought this playsuit in de January sales with the idea to wear it in a very non-Christmassy way, but I still couldn’t stop seeing the red velvet outside of the Christmas paradigm. Cat thought the denim cover-up and my Palladium boots would do the trick, and while I do think that worked I’m still not sure if this playsuit is actually that cute. I felt a little frumpy AND a little overdressed at the same time in the office, and the low neckline + legs out combination made me a little self-conscious. I did a compliment on it from a stylish young co-worker so maybe it was just me! Still I would say this was my least favourite outfit of the week, and it made me question whether I even like the playsuit at all.

I put Cat in a floral slip dress, a olive coloured flannel that actually belongs to me, and her black doc martens. I love this outfit! Cat can pull off the 90s grunge look very well, and has the option to go braless under dresses like this.

Cat says: I would not have thought of this outfit AT ALL. But I loved it! The colours of the flannel went really well with the colours of the dress and also made the dress casual. I felt very 90s Courtney Love. I think this was one of my favourite outfits of the week. However, I am not sure I’ll be wearing this dress to work again without some sort of cover up under the dress. Although the dress stays in place well I spent the whole day feeling like I was dangerously close to a nip-slip. At one point I had a meeting with my manager and the rest of the team, and I was so nervous about what my tits might be up to that I had to wrap the flannel around me just to focus on the meeting. That being said, for any non-work occasion I would definitely wear this again, I felt cute and got several compliments from my co-workers.

Day 5:

Cat is going to work and I’m going to run some errands around town. We both really struggle to pick anything for each other. Maybe our interest in each other’s wardrobes has dried up a little? Cat makes me a try on some pink floral culottes with a slightly different pink crop top and luckily agrees it is an absolute disaster. When I express the desire to wear some trousers after the revealing playsuit yesterday she suddenly pulls out one of my favourite pairs of ripped jeans and a pink baseball jersey with the word ‘mermaid’ on it. I love this! The baseball top was one of those items that I instantly loved and bought, but it is completely different from anything I usually wear. I tried it on with several outfits and always thought it felt fussy but this extremely simple outfit is exactly what it needed!

I really wonder what the hell Cat wore to work last summer because all of her clothes are either massive jumpers or microscopic short shorts. I consider another pencil skirt and top look but it feels very uninspired. Then I realise she is a little shorter than me and a dress that I thought was going to be way too short is actually just above the knee on her. So I pick this black pinafore-esque dress and pair it with a simple white t-shirt and black doc martens for a different type of 90s look because apparently I just want my wife to constantly wear 80s and 90s fashion.

Cat says: Listen, there’s nothing wrong with 90s and 80s fashion. I was again happy in this dress and top, to my slight surprise. I wouldn’t normally go for something so simple and black and white but it really looks nice and I was very comfortable. The pinafore dress doesn’t even ride up as much as I feared, and I feel a lot less exposed than yesterday.

Day 6:

I have a fun day planned that involves taking my dog Lola to the park to hang out with my friend Cécile and later going to get vegan burgers and beers with my other friend Lisa. Cat picks a shirtdress with leaf print I bought not long ago that I’ve been dying to wear for the first time, and just pairs it with some pink espadrilles. I loooove a shapeless sack dress in summer so I’m super happy with this look, and both my friends give me compliments! Whenever I see myself in a shop window I feel amazing about how the dress looks on me, I’m definitely going to wear the shit out of this all summer.

Cat, yet again, has to go to work all day. I pick a black skater skirt with straps, a white t-shirt with kiwi fruit print and some pink converses. I thought this outfit was cute but a little plain, but Cat actually remarks that she has never worn this top as the focal point of a simple outfit and loves it this way.

Cat says: Babs expressed annoyance that she had to think of another work outfit for me – I seem to spend all my time there. Girl, trust me, I know! However, I felt cute in the simple outfit she picked out, although I worried slightly it might be a little young for me. But I always wear this kiwi print top under dungarees or similar, and have never just worn it on its own, so I did enjoy that. And I love those soft pink Converses – must wear them more this summer, before I get too old at least.

Day 7:

The last day! It’s Saturday so we finally get to do something together that isn’t watching Netflix in our underwear after work. We’re going to a vintage warehouse sale in Amsterdam Noord. The weather is constantly switching between rain and bright sunshine and we’re cycling and taking the ferry across the IJ so we need versatile and comfortable outfits.

Cat picks exactly the kind of outfit I want to be wearing, some printed trousers, a denim shirt tied at the waist, and a  huge shapeless black jacket. This kind of slightly messy look with a bold print is what always feels the most ‘me’. I almost always wear these trousers with a black top as there is black in the print, so I’m happy she picked the denim. I feel super confident and cool and buy loads of weird clothes at the warehouse sale that I feel are in the same style as what I’m wearing. A huge oversized housecoat that I want to wear as a jacket, an 80s stone wash denim jacket, a cropped dad-shirt with a print of beer bottles; all of the clothes I’m drawn towards suddenly seem to fit into this very cohesive picture.

My pick for Cat is pale high waisted skinny jeans, a black and white crochet top, a burgundy shirt and black Nikes. I think she looks amazing in tight jeans but she doesn’t wear them super often. When she puts it on there is a lot more tum on show than I thought there would be, which makes me think she’s going to veto the outfit but she doesn’t! It looks amazing, especially because of how well it shows off her snake tattoo.

Cat says: Normally I would feel more self conscious about having what feels like my entire stomach out on display, but I think this week has made me feel more playful and willing to take risks with my look, especially outside the office! The day turned out to  be super warm, and I ended up taking off the burgundy shirt for most of it and just wandering around in the backless crochet halter top and jeans. I felt very confident with it and like I almost even fit in with the fashionable hipsters at the warehouse sale. Unfortunately my high confidence levels went to my head and I spent a hundred Euros on loud floral shirts. An outfit to wear with caution in future.


I think we can conclude that the experiment went pretty well! We managed to pick outfits that were just far enough outside each other’s comfort zone to keep it fun but still challenge each other a little. I wore more than one outfit that didn’t include any black items and liked it. Halfway through the week I actually suddenly had this really clear vision of the kind of style I want to dress in, and I must have telepathically communicated that to Cat pretty well because the last three outfits really embodied it. Fun, casual looks that are feminine without being at all girly. I’m turning 30 in only five months and I feel like this is a style I can take with me into my thirties.

Cat says: Yeah this was fun! I enjoyed having a fresh pair of eyes looking at my clothes, and Babs thought of some outfit combinations I never would have put together, which gave me new ideas for the future. It was also nice just to put more thought into what I was wearing. I am looking forward to putting this into practice next week now that I can choose my own clothes again. With that being said, if I ever want some fresh ideas about what to pair with an item of clothing I will definitely ask Babs for her input. On that note babe – what should I wear with six bright floral shirts at once?


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