The Bitch Is Back

I’m going to start blogging again! I always loved writing a blog but I thought for a while that it was a little bit dated, but then I thought who cares? I enjoy it so why not. I love fashion and I love making stuff and taking pictures of it so why not just (re)start documenting it all somewhere. I’m not great at posing for pictures but I’m going to work on that so I can do outfit posts. Not to brag but I get complimented on my outfits multiple times a week by customers in the shops I work in so maybe strangers on the internet should also get to enjoy my weird fashion sense :’) I have 0 interest in ~influencer shit, I just love to see what other people are wearing and getting inspired by that and think it will be fun to do this kind of thing.

My other reason for doing this is that I need an outlet for the stuff I make. I’m always working on art projects, knitting, sewing clothes etc and I need a place to document it. So this is mostly for myself but I hope other people will enjoy seeing my stuff.

I used to be on livejournal in the early noughties and I maintained that blog for years and years, updating pretty much every day. The internet was a very different place then, there was absolutely no “brand” to uphold, nobody to look good for, it was just you and a couple of other deeply weird people. I loved to do what was referred to at the time as “picspams”, just posting a shit load of pictures I took of random shit. Let’s bring that back. Here is some stuff.

Some of the monster bags and fish pins are for sale in My Etsy Shop!


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