My name is Babet, I live in Amsterdam with my wife Cat, our chihuahua Lola and our gerbils Puffin and Koekje. I am supposedly a freelance writer and translator and I am always in the process of starting some new weird creative project. Things you will find me writing about include weird things I encounter in my day to day life, veg(etari)an cooking, craftiness, plus size fashion, budget home decor and life in Amsterdam.

I’m currently working on self-publishing an ebook with a collection of my writings/essays in Dutch, though this blog is 100% in English.

Things I like: glitter, dungarees, soup, glam rock, succulents, big sunglasses, cheese, the song Addicted To Love by Robert Palmer, ankle boots, Netflix (with or without chill), garlic, lipstick, tea, city trips, dogs, crocheting, sitting on some steps outside while it is a little bit windy, hair dye, cheap wine, the band The Darkness, candles, witches, black eyeliner, buying second hand stuff, the LGBT community, cacti, feminism, the movie Velvet Goldmine, cocktails that my girlfriend made, rodents, trips to Ikea, berets, kitschy catholic imagery, finding furniture in the street, the writings of Oscar Wilde, halloween, baking a lemon poppyseed cake, really loud guitar solos, dealing with the absurdity of having to exist as a human being by pretending to only ever do things ironically, the photo editing app A Beautiful Mess, cold slices of leftover pizza and iridescent nail varnish.

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